Protect What You've Built


You work hard to give your family all they need to thrive.  Make sure that you protect against the unforeseen. Irwin Cohen Group has protected the income of hard working-professionals for over 40 years in a variety of ways.  Income protection, long term care, business continuation – we have considered every possibility so that you don’t have to worry about what happens to you, your family, and your future if you become unable to work.

We have built a successful firm committed to helping our Clients build wealth and the value of their business as well as protecting the families that are dependent upon the business itself. We recognize that connection is the cornerstone of growth.  As such, our primary focus is continuing to develop and grow a committed network of professionals who are specialists in their fields and invested in each other’s growth.  That is why we primarily serve:

  • Lawyers and law firms
  • Entrepreneurial physicians and dentists, and their practices
  • Self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Families with special needs children


Irwin’s Story

Hear from Irwin Cohen as to why one of his biggest passions in life is helping others achieve what they want, while making sure they preserve what they have.

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