Irwin Cohen Group is a boutique firm assisting attorneys with protecting their greatest asset . . . their ability to earn income. In 2004, Irwin received the endorsement of the Chicago Bar Association and began working with attorneys throughout the Chicagoland area. Irwin developed a unique program, designed specifically for Am Law 200 law firms, protecting both current and future income. Based upon its tremendous success in Chicago we are now offering that same program throughout the country.

At Irwin Cohen Group we recognize that financial security is the essential foundation for achieving financial independence. Without financial security, even the highest paid individual can be exposed to financial disaster given any one of life’s unforeseen events. As an empathy-driven professional, Irwin explores the best available options to mitigate financial risk and provide strategic solutions for our clients.


Irwin is committed to serving and protecting as many people as time will allow.  The most effective way to accomplish that objective is through phone calls.  If you received a call from Irwin, it’s because he believes he can be of service to you.  If you aren’t interested in learning more about how you can achieve financial security, a simple reply of the same will result in a pleasant “Thank-you” from him with no attempt to change your mind.

In our ongoing quest to provide financial security for our clients, we employ a variety of strategies and solutions that are targeted to address various concerns:

Income Replacement

  • Individual income replacement
  • Employer sponsored disability insurance programs
  • Key person replacement for businesses
  • Business continuation in the event of the disability of a shareholder or partner

Long Term Care Costs

  • Home health care
  • Facility services

Funding Life Needs

  • Providing protection for family members
  • Planning for families with special needs (children and adults)
  • Key person replacement for businesses
  • Business continuation in the event of the death of a shareholder or partner